• Eric Estlund
    Photograph by Andy Waterman, Privateer.cc
    So you've been thinking about a custom Winter, and you have poked around the product pages. It's time to order. Here's how it works-
    1. Either phone me (link to contact info) or email me with your preferred phone number and a good time to reach you. Include some basic information about what you are interested in and what sort of riding you want to do.
    2. I'll give you a call to discuss what you are interested in, any specific needs/ideas of yours, and to review the process. This will be a great time to ask any questions you might have, and a good chance for us to get to know about each other and the bike.
    3. For bicycles, send in your $500 deposit to secure your place in the queue. Deposits constitute payment for design and consultation work and are non-refundable. They are applied to the balance of your bike at completion. (Deposits for racks, forks, and stems ordered individually are 50% of estimated costs.)
    4. As I get closer to your build I will contact you to work out the specific build of your bike, from geometry to behavior, from parts to color.
    5. When your bike is next in line, I'll give you a call and request a payment of 1/2 the quoted price. I'll then get started on your new bike.
    6. Once your bike is finished and the balance covered I'll box up your new dream Winter and ship it either to you or a shop of your choosing for final assembly.
  • Bicycle Fittingif you are in the area, we can schedule a time to work on fit together. If we are unable to meet in person, I will send you a couple of quick and easy forms to help determine the proper fit and set up for your bike. I am also Fit Kit certified. If you have a coach or fit specialist, I am happy to work with them at your request.
  • Custom Series Bicycle Construction options

    Hand cut lugs- Winter Bicycles offers hand cut as well as fully handmade lugs. From classic shapes through individually crafted options made for the client, lugs are for those looking for a traditionally constructed frame.

    Signature bi-laminate- Bi-laminate bicycles are made with a hand cut seat tube sleeve and hallmark head tube lug. This distinctive build style offers superior strength and full design freedom. The bi-laminate platform also allows for carved visual and aesthetic personalization.

    Fillet brazed-Winter Bicycles specialize in clean and “smooth from the torch” raw fillets. This smooth metal work is further refined and polished into expertly shaped tube transitions. Fully fillet brazed frames offer a clean, uncluttered look.
  • Custom Series Bicycles

    All custom series Winter Bicycles include a custom blend of steel tubing with each tube chosen for the rider and bike. Construction options, when appropriate, include fillet brazing, fully lugged and our own signature bi-laminate construction with hand carved seat tube sleeve and head tube treatment. All custom built bicycles include premier, show quality, single color liquid paint by Keith Anderson, cast pewter head tube badge and a choice of down tube and logo colors. Many people choose to add additional color accents, chrome plating and other finish options; please contact me for details.

    Custom series bicycles start at $3,000 for frame and fork with single color Keith Anderson paint plus the cost of selected parts. Pricing will vary depending on additional custom options and components selected.

    Tool Series Bicycles

    Tool series bicycles are fillet-brazed with a Pegoretti Flaz Carbon Fork, and Cane Creek 110 headset. They are sized to fit the rider and available in two color schemes.

    Tool series bicycles are $2,500 for the frame, fork, and headset. Prices will vary depending on components selected.

    Stems, Forks, and Racks Pricing

    Part Pricing (starting) Purchased w/ frame Purchased separately
    Lugged or fillet forks $350 $400
    Racks $275 $300
    Stems $275 $300

    *Winter made parts purchased with the frame include painting to match. Items purchased separately start priced with a locally sourced single color powder coat. Tubing requests, unique solutions, additional finish options and "through color" stainless head badges priced on an individual basis. Whenever possible I prefer to build complete bicycles. Please contact me for details on build kits assembled for your project.
  • Winter Bicycles provides a limited warranty for Winter manufactured products.

Individually Tailored


mail Eric to begin your custom design and for current stock information on accessories. Winter Bicycles accepts payment by cash, check or Paypal.