Custom Series Bicycles

Custom Series Bicycles

At Winter each custom bicycle is tuned for the ride, fit and features needed by the rider. By individually tailoring the performance and set up every Winter bicycle is as unique as its owner. The Winter range is designed to meet your needs-from traditional road, cross, track and mountain categories to high performance non-racing commuters, randonee and audax bikes. Winter bicycles are made from a rider specific blend of steel tubes. Each frame is made one at a time with smooth hand finished fillets, crisp lugs, our own signature bi-laminate construction or combination to suit the needs and tastes of the rider.

Tool Series Bicycles

Tool Series Bicycles

The Tool Series offers an accessible handmade road frame designed for aggressive use. All Tool Series bicycles start with a hand wrought Winter Bicycles Fillet Braze Frame sized to fit the rider.


Be it a finishing touch on your Winter, an upgrade to your existing bicycle or a new design to fill a particular need, Winter stems are the perfect way to tie together your bikes fit. Threadless, quill, chrome, high rise, integrated accessories and unique adaptive pieces- fillet brazed and custom lugged Winter stems are available in virtually every combination and configuration imaginable.


Custom forks are designed in tandem with your Winter frame, or available separately to meet the needs of your current bicycle. Winter forks are made from either fillet brazed or lugged steel to suit the rider and the bike they are designed for. Clean racing forks to rack ready high use off road touring forks, from crisp fillet work to custom made lugged or twin plate crowns.


Custom racks are designed to integrate seamlessly with your bike, luggage and daily use. Like our bikes, each Winter rack is made one at a time to meet the specific needs of its user. Past racks include custom fishing set ups, photographer gear racks, single pannier racks for race frames and an assortment of porteur and randonee rack


Winter Bicycle t-shirts, caps, and patches are available for sale.