典雅 (Tenga) Track

典雅- “Tenga”, meaning “classic” or “elegant” and often used to describe traditional Japanese dance.

The Tenga track bike is built as my interpretation of traditional lugged Japanese track frames. With nods to Italian influences, the lugs are clean with very specific gestural sweeps. The over all look of the bike is tight and refined, with just the right amount of detail. The classic pipes are arranged in a modern sprint pattern ready to real world competitive use.

This bike is built with a True Temper tube mix, modern cast lugs and drop outs, and a traditional Italian internally lugged fork crown. The Evening Orchid paint by Keith Anderson was inspired by mid 60’s muscle cars and features a layered drop shadow logo. The parts are a mix of 70’s Campagnolo with a custom Winter stem, Curtis Odom hubs laced to Velocity rims made for this project and a vintage Fujita saddle recovered by Recovered Saddles.

Awarded “Best Track Bike” at the 2013 Bespoked: Bristol.

Photos by Anthony Bareno.

Date: April 02, 2013