american-soldier-and-bike-1918 On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month (11:00 am, 11 November, 1918) the armistice was enacted and the guns of World War I fell silent. The war was over.

Unlike some of the Allied services, the U.S. Army did not have a designated bicycle corps for combat. Instead bicycles were used by the Army’s Signal Corps, Intelligence sections, Dispatch, Liaison, and for personal transport. Government contracts for the manufacture of military standard bicycles were granted and just fewer than 30,000 bicycles actually made it overseas for military personnel.

The M1918R    (“1918”) was built in the spirit of these war era bikes. The centennial of World War I and its remembrance and commemoration will begin in 2014 and last through 2018. This bike was commissioned as part of that commemoration.   

1918_columbia_military_11 Patterned on an original Columbia Military Model, the Winter Bicycles “1918” has been updated for current rider.  This bike has been designed to be as versatile as the original. The “1918” features current frame materials, a rider specific fit, and “modern” mechanical  shifting and braking.


Photographs by Anthony Bareno

Date: October 23, 2012