“Caprinae” is a subfamily of bovids that includes the mountain goat and ibex.

The new Winter Caprinae is an extension of the “mountain cross” concept- in this case a versatile all-arounder for off road cruising and touring.

The Caprinae is made with a selection of True Temper tubing. The bike is brazed with a combination of smooth fillet brazed head tube joints, unfilled “makers mark” bottom bracket fillets and unique wrapped bilaminate seat cluster. Styled to be reminiscent of mountain bike from an earlier era, the bike features a custom Winter stem that echos the wrap detailing and a custom front and rear rack set. The Caprinae is built with a balance of modern and vintage parts in a modular package allowing 1×6 or single speed configurations. It also features integrated and internally routed dynamo lighting.

The vintage bronze and gold powder coat was applied by Custom Powderworks.

Studio photos by Anthony Bareno.

Outdoor photos by Winter Bicycles.

Date: November 17, 2014