“Cerulean”, a pigment used to paint sky blue that can be mixed to a bright teal. It is also the color of several bird species. This seemed like a fitting name for this richly painted travel bike.

The Cerulean is a classic sport touring frame. It runs 25-28mm tires with room for mudguards. The bike is designed to primarily be ridden unloaded, but has provisions for a rear rack as needed. This small frame has a gently slopping top tube. The bike is fillet brazed with a clean internal fork crown and subtle point detailing on the fastback seat stays echoing the points of the S&S travel couplings. The luscious paint was provided by Keith Anderson.

The bike is equipped with Shimano and FSA components that balance performance, easy set up and standard field replacements if needed during it’s travels.

Date: April 03, 2016