La Fauvette

La Fauvette is a modern city bike that draws from several traditions. This bike was designed for a rider who needed to the fit of a classic Dutch bike, but wanted a design more capable of distance and sporting rides. She was drawn to French mixte styling and heavily British influenced coloring. “La Fauvette” is the French name for the garden warbler, a light and nimble song bird that makes is’t home across Europe.

The mixte style frame is made from a blend of modern heat treated tubing for a bike stronger and significantly lighter then the bike it replaces. The geometry is also designed to help the rider feel “in the bike” for more control and power in the upright riding position for longer efforts over more varied routes. This bilaminate frame has internal light wiring to keep it clean, and external mechanical routing for ease of maintenance. The bike has a wide range internally geared hub, dynamo front and rear lighting, and modern dual pivot calipers for easy and predictable braking. The Winter rear rack acts to support dual panniers with a larger top platform, but is small enough to go unnoticed during unloaded rides. The beautiful wet paint is provided by Keith Anderson.

At home during daily utility rides, La Fauvette will also be a nimble bike that suites the clients unique fit needs with her desire for a more sporting ride for longer adventures.

Photos by Anthony Bareno

Date: October 05, 2013