Laubgravur is a term used to describe traditional German foliage engraving. This decorative embellishment has been used to decorate all types of metal work and is notably seen on hand made and engraved fine firearms.

Winter Bicycles was approached to provide a fine road bike designed both as a performance vehicle and platform for this technique. The project was approached in the same manner as some of the more traditional contexts- to build a highly refined piece of performance equipment that balanced the natural line of the form with appropriate surfaces for distinctive decoration. Much care and discussion was spent with the engraver to balance the needs of the bicycle with the correct look and a balance between “open” and “carved” surfaces.

The bicycle is built with the Winter signature “Gothic” point bilaminate and carbon Winter built Engin seat post to layer gestural boldness with the tighter calligraphic nature of laubgravur flourishes. The fillet brazed tubes are a mix of over sized and shaped tubing for a stiff, race inspired ride. The Gothic sweeps are echoed into the special laminated French point stem. The metal work is set against a bold but clean metallic orange umber by Todd Eroh.

The Laubgravur was designed as a modern road bike with classic references. The Dura Ace group is also embellished on the polished faces, while the black accents are echoed through the Zipp bars, Paul Klamper brakes and HED Jet carbon wheels. These sport Grand Bois Cerf skinwall tires.

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Date: April 04, 2017