Mahasher- Named for the Indian golden mahasher, the largest of the carp family. The golden mahasher is a slender, large swimmer and shares similar golden flecked green coloring to this randonee bike. The Winter Mahasher is a 700c randonneur speced for energetic sporting rides, running around town, and stretching out to event distances.

The frame is made from a blend of heat treated tubing with bilaminate construction with a lugged fork, custom French point stem and Winter built front bag support. The silver and black theme is carried through the Dura Ace parts, White Industries crank and hub sets Nitto components, black Berthoud saddle, polished Paul brakes and bi-color Cane Creek headset. The golden-green paint is accented with black stem and window fill. The black and golden down tube lettering echoes the details on the matching Silca pump.

Paint by Todd Eroh

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Date: February 08, 2018