Matanda is Tagalog for “old” or “old man”. It’s a fitting name for this classically styled city runner made with vintage frame components. It is also a gently tongue in cheek zinger for the client (a friend of mine) looking for a more upright commuter bike to gently cruise home on after work.

This particular old man started with some 70’s vintage Prugnat 62/D lugs- a lightly embellished lug seen on many of the higher end racers of the time. These were given the full winter refinement of the curves and points, thinned, the spirals tightened, and a new higher rise extension machined and welded to account for an upright position with a threadless set up. The lug patterns are echoed in the S&S travel couplers- a shore line break in the top tube matching the seat and head lugs, and a softer uninterrupted shoulder on the down tube to match the BB shell. The bike is brazed with modern tubes in classic dimensions, and utilizes vintage forged drop outs and fork tips. The threadless stem is an unfiled “makers mark” unit that has been powder coated black to match the front and rear luggage carriers. The front rack serves both as a decaleurless randonee bag support or a fenced utility/ porteur style rack. Both are sized to work with custom RuthWorks SF luggage. A compliment of solid components in a simple 1×11 set up are perfect for daily commuting and ease the set up and disassembly as a travel bike. The bike is finished in a custom mixed ceramic coating that is is both durable and calls to mind older enamel finishes.

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Date: June 30, 2017