“Mor Breizh”- The Breton name for the English Channel, is a step through with British and French influence.

The Winter Bicycles Mor Breizh is designed with a nod to classic transportation bikes of the 1940’s, but with modern material and performance. This lugged and bilaminate bike is made with a selection of modern USA made components and top end dynamo lighting for year round function. The frame set features Keith Anderson Tito drop outs with raised stainless faces, internally routed light wiring and easy to maintain external brake and shift routing. The Winter made stem and rear rack are chrome plated for beauty and durability, and the luxurious Keith Anderson paint sets off the metal work. Beautiful to see and exhilarating to ride- the Winter Bicycles “Mor Breizh”.


Awarded “Best Finish” at the 2013 NAHBS.

Photos by Anthony Bareno.

Date: May 04, 2013