“Picholine” are olives originally from the south of France. When I was choosing details for this bike I wanted something that took a nod to classic era French city bike, but was built with updated features for everyday riding. The lugs are an old Prugnet set that I rebuilt an shaped. The tubes are modern alloys in classic diameters.

The Picholine was build to be a daily, year round commuter. The emphasis was on a light and fun bike that was stable and could carry the clients daily load around town in all weather.

This bike is built with a mixed parts group with DA 11 shifters on Paul Thumbie mounts pushing an 11sp Ultegra gear set. The bike features White Industries rear hub, cranks and bb. The 650b wheelset rolls on Pacenti tires and runs a Schmidt/ Edelux light set. Brakes are XT hydo units. The bike has Nitto swept bars and custom Winter stem and rear carrier.

Date: April 03, 2016