“Quiscale”- Named for the large, iridescent blue North American blackbird with bright yellow eyes.

The Quiscale is a randonee bike designed for daily adventure, event rides and exploring the open roads.

The frame set features thinly cut clean lugs with accented window cuts. The bike is built with traditional diameter tubing in a heat treated, thin wall modern alloy for a light, smooth ride. Integrated and internally routed lighting, clean fenders, custom racks and specially made RuthWorks bags maintain classics with contemporary performance parts from White Industries, Paul Components, Cane Creek headset and Ultegra components. In addition to the front bag support and rear carrier, the bike also has a set of removable front lowrider add ons. The handmade “French point” Winter stem and bell mount is finished in matching chrome. The deep iridescent blue paint and canary yellow paint was preformed by Keith Anderson.

Timeless good looks fully balanced with modern performance- the new Winter “Quiscale” randonee bike.

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Studio photos by Anthony Bareno

Date: January 28, 2015