Suzume- スズメ, sparrow.

The new Winter track bike is named after this little, nimble bird. In Japanese folktales, the sparrow is often representative of honor, specifically the repaying of debts. The Winter Suzume takes a nod to the Japanese keirin builders and the clean, gestural lug style that continues to influence Winter builds.

The Suzume features modern steel tubes in traditional diameters and is assembled with precisely cut mid point lugs. The lug windows are highlighted with the head tube color accent. The flat top stem has the distinctive “French point” and an inlaid Winter plum blossom badge. The quick flick track fork sets the tone for a short and tight track frame reminiscent of the classic track from of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The bike is built with a selection of Japanese track parts and finished with polished rims, CX-Ray spokes and Odom high flange hubs.

The two color paint with white and gold logoing was applied by Todd Eroh.

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Date: November 03, 2016