The Velvet Hammer

The Velvet Hammer is race ready and performance built. This track bike balances traditional joinery with contemporary geometry, cutting edge tube tech and an aggressive personality. The Velvet Hammer is intended to hit hard and look good.

The Velvet Hammer is composed of a builder select modern tube set. The main frame is a balance of tear drop (top tube), round (down and seat tubes) and tapered (head tube, seat and chain stays). The bilaminate lugs are also teardrop and round.

It features a custom bilaminate tapered head tube housing a handmade lugged and tapered 1.125”-1.5” fork. The fork crown is a custom composition made for this bike, as is the matching rear wishbone. The wishbone echoes the forks window treatment, and the laminate points are reflected in the rear stays pointed scallops and track end darts. The bike is piloted with a chromed single piece bar and stem combination with the classic Winter “French Point” accent.

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Coating by Custom Powderworks
Photos by Winter Bicycles

Date: April 21, 2015