The new Winter “Zaftig”

27.5 x 3″- “plus”, or “(+)” seems like such an inelegant way to describe them. Not 27.5 “more”, these are 27.5 “perfect”.

Inspired by Winter’s new home in the center of PA’s mountain bike country, this build is all about fun. The Zaftig can be run as a geared set up with a suspension front end, but comes ready to rip as a versatile fully rigid single speed running an Endless cog in swinger drop outs. Utilizing special braze ons leaves only the rear seat stay cable guides unused during the transition. This frame also features provisions for an externally routed dropper. The curvy rear end wraps into a stout front designed around the Winter build tapered-steerer box crown fork and 31.8mm “French Point” signature Winter stem; all fillet brazed. Front and rear end sport post mount XTR disc brakes and thru axle drop outs. The build consists of Gravity “Gradient” carbon kit and rolls on Schwalbe 3″ Nobbie Nics tires on 45mm Velocity Dually rims.

The fade to splatter paint was done by Winter and inspired by the rich history of colorful local mountain bike development.

Date: April 14, 2016